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About me

Hi to everyone who`s reading these lines right now. My name is Lisa and I`m over the moon that you`ve come across my little blog. Actually, I consider blogging to be both my profession and my hobby. That`s why every post here is a huge piece of my life. I travel, explore the world, meet new people and describe my experience here. I work as an account manager and share my tips and tricks with readers. I am into fashion, read some fashion bloggers and visit shows to keep up with the news and surely, everything I learn I try to put into posts and publish here. I am also into feminism and support women`s movements different countries. As you can see, I have quite a lot of interests and try to pay enough attention to all of them. This blog is for people who are as active and love chasing new adventures, reaching new heights and facing new challenges.

I believe there is always some space for improvement in our life and my purpose is to spread this idea among people who already achieved a lot and now think there is nothing left to do. Work on yourself and inspire others to do the same. See you!