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educational development

educational development

Publication date: 1 December 1998
Discusses educational development, focussing on curriculum changes and issues affecting the change in Malaysia and perspectives for the future. Begins with an introduction that describes the school system in general, followed by a description of educational and curriculum development from independence to the present, highlighting the most current trends and changes Malaysia is undertaking. Concludes with discussions on the issue of values education which is being taught in schools and the efforts of the government to mould a united Malaysian nation with Malaysian values, as well as an overview of the current incentives and future perspectives for greater use of technology in the classroom.

Educational development
Educating next generation of the society is an essential part of achieving sustainable development in the developing world. In specific terms, some of the most urgent imperatives include establishing and maintaining schools, building a functioning educational system and training human who can manage the system, and education both current and future teachers. The Educational Development Course is actively working toward educational development in developing countries through theoretical and practical research in the field of human resource development, educational system and curriculum development, etc. We are also conducting projects funded by JICA in Bangladesh and Cambodia.
Due to the reorganization of the graduate schools , the web contents of Educational Development Course have been transferred to a website of International Education Development Program. Please refer to the new website here.

Educational Development Corp is a registered with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Delaware. Educational Development Corp is primarely in the business of wholesale-miscellaneous nondurable goods. For financial reporting, their fiscal year ends on Feburary 28th. This page includes all SEC registration details as well as a list of all documents (S-1, Prospectus, Current Reports, 8-K, 10K, Annual Reports) filed by Educational Development Corp.
Educational Development Corp is the United States trade publisher of the line of educational children’s books produced in the United Kingdom. Its business activity is functioned with two reportable segments: Usborne Books and More (UBAM); and Publishing. Publishing segment markets its products to retail accounts, which include the book, school supply, toy and gift stores and museums, through commissioned sales representatives, trade and specialty wholesalers and an internal telesales group. The UBAM segment markets its products through a network of independent sales consultants using a combination of direct sales, home shows, book fairs and internet sales. It derives a majority of revenue from the UBAM segment.

Education transforms lives and is at the heart of UNESCO’s mission to build peace, eradicate poverty and drive sustainable development.
UNESCO believes that education is a human right for all throughout life and that access must be matched by quality. The Organization is the only United Nations agency with a mandate to cover all aspects of education. It has been entrusted to lead the Global Education 2030 Agenda through Sustainable Development Goal 4. The roadmap to achieve this is the Education 2030 Framework for Action (FFA).