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In an educational manner
the assistant masters formed a committee of their own to consider what could be done educationally for the town

(3) Migrant worker families; or
(2) Limited English proficiency families;

The Board of Regents reaffirms its commitment to expand educational opportunities for members of minority and disadvantaged groups; approves the System Administration recommendations, dated April 1, 1980, on the Report of the System Committee to Review Minority Student Enrollment History and Projections in the University of Wisconsin System; and further, directs System Administration and the University of Wisconsin Institutions to begin implementation plans, to be made to the Board of Regents by February, 1981. (The April 1, 1980 document is available from the office of the Secretary of the Board of Regents. )
History: Res. 2119 adopted 04/11/1980; reaffirmed by RPDs 17-6 (formerly 83-4) and 17-7 (formerly 84-5).