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How to Write an Essay on the “Kite Runner”

The Kite Runner is a valuable source in the realm of the educational system. Officially published in 2003, written by Khaled Hosseini, the book concentrates on the life of a small boy, his father, and his best friend. Effectively, the many changes that took place in the country around the time are presented. To that end, the topic and themes indicated in this book make it an excellent option for developing an essay.

If you have to submit an essay on the “Kite Runner” to be graded, then, you should follow a range of quintessential tips.

First Things First: Read the Book

This book is definitely worth your time, as it is, for one thing, a lesson of life. It is about the many obstacles one has to overcome in life. In order to really grasp the essence of the work, you should take the time to read it, to get a personalized perspective of the read. Plus, trying to write about a book that you haven’t read is something that will most likely turn out to be unsuccessful. Believe it or not, but your teacher can determine whether you read it or not, so bear this in mind.

Analyze the Specifics of the Characters

An essay is a difficult, time-consuming endeavor for most students, particularly the ones that aren’t very talented when it comes to writing. Still, in this scenario, you might consider getting the assistance of a proficient essay writing service, such as Trust My Paper, and ask them “who will write my essay for me”. Nonetheless, if you feel that you’re up for the task, then, pay attention to the characters as you read the book, as this information will turn out to be useful during the writing process.

To that end, try to find answers to the following questions: what are the values of the characters? What words would you use to characterize their mindset of life? And the list may go on. Evidently, in an essay, you cannot concentrate on each character in the book, especially granted that you most probably have a word limit. This is why you will have to choose who you want to concentrate on, whilst also factoring in the instructions provided by the teacher.

As a rule of thumb, when you know that you are expected to write an essay on a book, as you read the book, it’s best to take notes of the things that struck you most during the read. In addition, you might want to carry in mind that Amir and Hassan are regarded as the most significant characters. Hence, you might want to develop your essay on these two characters. Of course, you might want to highlight the main connections between characters, as other characters usually have a noteworthy influence, which is something you should indicate in your essay.

Expand on the Development of the Characters

Fundamentally, when you discuss the characters, you should assess the stages they go through over time, and the way in which these stages or events have contributed to their personal development, so to speak. Try to analyze these aspects from your own perspective. Many a time, teachers appreciate it when students submit papers with a personal touch, this is what ultimately will differentiate your work from that of your colleagues.

Determine the way in which the main events in the book had caused certain reactions in the characters, and how you personally convey those.

Create Your First Draft

Now you are ready to create your first draft of the essay. Once you know the approach you want to embrace and the precise elements you want to expand on, the writing process can start. Of course, you cannot attempt to write the perfect essay from the first try. This is why you should give it some time and start early, so that you can have the time needed for editing, rewriting, so on and so forth.

After reading your first draft, you will be able to determine the potential shortcomings of the writing and the areas that require some improvement.

Edit as You Focus on the Details

After creating the very first version of the essay, it’s high time to concentrate on the details: how could you enhance the writing? Do the paragraphs look clear and comprehensive? Are the ideas easy to grasp? Should you expand more on specific elements? Does the writing flow? So on and so forth. These questions will guide you through the editing process, which can be rather grueling. It is best to ask a friend or colleague to read your essay before submission, to get a third party’s opinion on the writing.

Here you have it: by considering these essential tips, you will be on the right path to writing an excellent essay on the “Kite Runner”. Your teacher will most likely appreciate it!