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Photoshop affects us greatly (part 2)

Photoshop affects us greatly (part 2)

Photoshopped advertising affects consumers’ trust. Usually, when purchasing an advertised beauty product, a customer wants to look exactly like a model, advertising it. Often the ads show how perfectly flawless looks the model, who use the advertised product. Purchasing the expensive product, for example, an anti-wrinkles face cream and seeing that nothing changes with time makes the client feel frustrated. The problem is that in everyday life these models are completely usual, despite being completely airbrushed in advertisements. Consumers purchase these products with the hope to enhance their beauty just like the models in the adverts. They do not know that in real life it is impossible. When they use the product and do not achieve their desired look, they lose trust and confidence in the company. They may never purchase this product or any other products from the same brand in future, even if the rest products are better quality.

How can we use Photoshop. As Photoshop has negative effects on consumers, there are a few positive impacts as well. Photoshop can make the advertisements of the products more interesting and appealing to reach much bigger audience. It is particularly important in the beauty product industry; should not be overdone. Consumers are likely to purchase beauty products that show a perfect look than those that are not airbrushed. No one buys a product that would still show the little freckles they had been trying to hide. Photoshop helps in generating beautiful designs and presents the final version of product to people. Photoshop is also crucial to web design since it continues what was commenced on the paper. Photoshop also makes advertisements creation process much easier.

Granted, Photoshop has negatively impacted consumers in a big way; but these effects can be minimized if the program can be employed in a moderate way. There is no need in setting unrealistic beauty standards that only appear to be a fallacy. Advertisers end up losing their consumers’ trust. Even celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet have spoken against this enormous Photoshop usage. There is no need for a fashion house to use anorexic models for their clothing items, while in reality, their prospective clients are average and plus sizes. If they use average models, they are more likely to have the interest of these prospective clients. If these clients will see that the average model looks good in an item, they are likely to buy it too.

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